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Philippe Hottinguer Wealth Services is committed to supporting you over the long term, in complete confidence and transparency, in order to grow your assets and prepare the future of your family and your company with peace of mind – this is the ambition of Philippe Hottinguer Wealth Services.

  • Discussions with the client to gather all relevant data in his past and present.
  • Audit of his patrimony.
  • Proposal of a solid and efficient strategy in terms of investment strategy and risk management according to your profiles.
  • A tailor-made strategy based on an open architecture with the support of prestigious Swiss banking partners.
  • After validation of our financial strategy, selection of financial products and custodian banks.
  • A selection that meets the objectives and risk sensitivity of the client very rigorously.
  • As risk management is at the heart of our approach, it is possible at any time, on our advice or at the client’s request, to adapt this level of risk according to structural and economic developments.
  • Periodic reporting.
  • Personalized monitoring of assets.
  • Listening, exchanges, reactivity: a top-of-the-range service.
  • A pricing policy tailored solely to the interests of the client.
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